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Payard Patisserie Desserts by lilkoda16

The Ranch | Tristan and Avie



She nodded at his words, flushing slightly at the way he caught her worrying about meeting his family once again. “I hope so because you my love make me very happy.” She turned then, seeing the other red head, biting the corner of her lip as Saoirse appeared in front of them.

Sticking her hand out, she shook Saorise’s hand lightly before grinning, “Pleasure to meet you yourself Saorise, I’ve heard about you.” She smiled hearing the words about the horses and mulled it over as Tristan and his sister spoke.

She nuzzled into his side a bit as he kept his arm around her, grinning before she spoke. “Don’t worry, Ill make sure we actually come to visit you aye?” Another smile at the redhead then, relaxing a bit more.

Tristan smiled, shaking his head.  “Aiobheal, they will love you.  Trust me, please?”  He leaned forward, kissing her on the forehead, before turning to greet his sister.  “We’ll come up to the house for supper, promise, Swish,” Tristan said with a smile, leaning over to kiss his sister’s cheek again.

She laughed at that, wrinkling her nose at his affections before sticking her tongue out.  “Good. You know I’m not the greatest cook, but Simon’s taught me a few things.”  Returning the same affection to him, Tristan playful growled at Swish as she walked off from him.

Turning to Avie then, he hugged her close.  “Now, was that so bad?  Atleast you aren’t meeting them all at once,” he smirked.  “Want to take a walk, love?”


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Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips | Sally’s Baking Addiction

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My muse agrees to be completely honest and spare no details for one of your muse’s curiosities, but only one. What does your muse try to find out from mine?

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female OCs are not of lesser value than male OCs.

female OCs are not of lesser value than male OCs.

female OCs are not of lesser value than male OCs.

OCs should be judged by character, not sex or gender. Just because there may be more female OCs than male OCs around you doesn’t mean they’re automatically all trash.

"I just want to try something..." (Pick a muse)




feeding them something (fruit, a dessert, etc.)

Erik had a bunch of fruit that Rylie had brought over.  He was working on making a fruit salad when Roisin came by.  ”I’m in the kitchen,” he called out as he heard the woman ask where he was.  Turning to her when she stood next to him, he smiled, leaning in to gently kiss her cheek.  ’Try a bite,” he said, offering her a mixture of the fruit with a fork.

( narlagadiathu )

She stepped in hearing him call out, sitting her purse down and sliding out of her heels after the meeting she’d had to day. Leaning into the kiss, she smiled before turning her head to take a bite of the food, smiling. “Mmm, that’s pretty good love. Certainly have to have some more aye?”

He grinned at her.  “You can definitely have more, love.”  Erik picked another piece of fruit out of the mix, holding it out for her to take.  “Have a long day, love?”  He softly asked, placing a tender kiss to her cheek.  His free hand ran through her red hair, loosening it from the way she had it for work.  “And, do you want to eat supper here or go out tonight?”

"I just want to try something..." (Pick a muse)




tracing a word against their back

Lola was still asleep in bed.  Sleeping next to Rory brought her restful sleep — a rare thing for her, and she took advantage of it.  Her eyes were barely open when she felt Rory’s fingers moving over her bare skin.  She hummed softly from even his simple touch.  Then she realized that he was writing something.  ”What word, love?”  She asked, her accent heavy from sleep.

narlagadiathu )

He was tracing words in Gaelic over her back as she slept, being gentle as he trailed his nails over her skin. A smile appeared at her words, leaning down and whispering into her ear. “Terms of endearment my beautiful one. Just saying how bloody amazing you are to put up with a man such as I.” He kissed her cheek then, smiling as  he saw how tired she sitll was.

The feeling of his words whispered over her ear, his warm breath causing her to giggle softly as it tickled her – all of had Lola melting back against Rory’s chest.  Her eyes opened, and she leaned into the kiss he placed on her cheek.  She turned enough to see his eyes, hand resting on his cheek.  “Love, you are easy to deal with.  One just has to take the time to figure out how…and well, that, my love, has been a fun adventure,” she grinned, gently kissing his lips.  “I wouldn’t change a thing about you, Ruairi…not one.”

★ (Erik)




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 They had been just generally teasing each other all day, nothing too crazy, just having fun as they did things around the house, both of them deciding not to spend the weekend out doing anything too crazy, at least not this one. It didn’t fit either of their personalities. Erik had said something jokingly and she turned, winking at him as she finally spoke.“You gonna make me shut up?”


It seemed like the best thing to do was wait for the pack to figure out what was going on with them, not wanting to tell her Da quite yet about what was happening and what was going on. Though Ruairi seemed to have an idea of what was happening.

When Erik teased her, her arms wrapped around his neck and she pressed a little closer as she smirked lightly. “Aye, I think I do indeed Erik. Make me.” She winked, biting the edge of her lip then.

The sight of her teeth holding on to the edge of her lip caused a grin to play at his lips.  “Make you?”  He repeated, full on grinning then.  Leaning in, he kissed her bottom lip, lightly sucking on it to free the flesh from her teeth, before he deeply kissed her.  His arms wrapped around her then, backing her up against the wall – slowly.  Growling, he began to place kiss after kiss over her neck.  “How am I doing, love?”  He whispered in her ear.